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Supabase Setup

Supabase provides a database with authentication and authorization features. We will be using Supabase to store the user's info mapped to their SuperTokens userId.

Step 1: Create a new Supabase Project#

  • From your Supabase dashboard, click New project.

  • Enter a Name for your Supabase project.

  • Enter a secure Database Password.

  • Select the same Region you host your app's backend in.

  • Click Create new project.

Supabase dashboard

Step 2: Creating the user table in Supabase#

  • From the sidebar menu in the Supabase dashboard, click Table editor, then New table.

  • Enter users as the Name field.

  • Select Enable Row Level Security (RLS).

  • Remove the default columns

  • Create two new columns:

    • user_id as varchar as primary key
    • email as varchar
  • Click Save to create the new table.

Supabase table create

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