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Inserting Users into Supabase when they sign up

In our example app the user can sign up via Email-Password authentication. We will need to override both this API such that when a user signs up, their email mapped to their userId is stored in Supabase.

Step 1: Overriding the Email-Password signup function#

// config/backendConfig.ts

import EmailPassword from "supertokens-node/recipe/emailpassword";
import SessionNode from "supertokens-node/recipe/session";
import { TypeInput, AppInfo } from "supertokens-node/types";
import jwt from "jsonwebtoken";

let appInfo: AppInfo = {
appName: "TODO: add your app name",
apiDomain: "TODO: add your website domain",
websiteDomain: "TODO: add your website domain"

// take a look at the Creating Supabase Client section to see how to define getSupabase
let getSupabase: any;

let backendConfig = (): TypeInput => {
return {
framework: "express",
supertokens: {
connectionURI: "",
recipeList: [
override: {
apis: (originalImplementation) => {
return {
// the signUpPOST function handles sign up
signUpPOST: async function (input) {
if (originalImplementation.signUpPOST === undefined) {
throw Error("Should never come here");

let response = await originalImplementation.signUpPOST(input);

if (response.status === "OK" && response.user.loginMethods.length === 1 && input.session === undefined) {

// retrieve the accessTokenPayload from the user's session
const accessTokenPayload = response.session.getAccessTokenPayload();

// create a supabase client with the supabase_token from the accessTokenPayload
const supabase = getSupabase(accessTokenPayload.supabase_token);

// store the user's email mapped to their userId in Supabase
const { error } = await supabase
.insert({ email: response.user.emails[0], user_id: });

if (error !== null) {

throw error;

return response;
isInServerlessEnv: true,

We will be changing the Email-Password signup flow by overriding the signUpPOST api. When a user signs up we will retrieve the supabase_token from the user's accessTokenPayload(this was added in the previous step where we changed the createNewSession function) and use it to query Supabase to insert the new user's information.

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