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Email password login

You can see the default UI when you visit the websiteBasePath (/auth by default) on your website. The form is split into a sign in and a sign up form, and by default, we show the sign in form.

Default sign in form#

Sign in form UI for email password login

Default sign up form#

Sign up form UI for email password login

Field validation error UI#

The sign up form checks if the email is unique and if not, shows an error to the user saying that the email already exists. Likewise, if any of the form field's validation fails, the user will see an error like below.

Sign up form field error UI

Incorrect email / password UI#

In the sign in form, if the user enters an email that doesn't exist, or is an incorrect email & password combintation, they will see the following error.

Sign in form wrong credentials UI

General error UI#

If there are network related errors, or the backend sends a status code >= 300, then we show the following UI.

Sign in form general error

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