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How to use

Use the override config#

import SuperTokens from "supertokens-auth-react";
import EmailPassword from "supertokens-auth-react/recipe/emailpassword";

appInfo: {
apiDomain: "...",
appName: "...",
websiteDomain: "..."
recipeList: [
override: {
functions: (originalImplementation) => {
return {

// we will only be overriding what happens when a user
// clicks the sign in button.
signIn: async function (input) {
// TODO: some custom logic

// or call the default behaviour as show below
return originalImplementation.signIn(input);
// ...
// TODO: override more functions
  • originalImplementation is an object that contain functions that have the original implementation for this recipe. They can be used in your functions as a way to use the SuperTokens' default behaviour.
  • In the above code snippet, we override the signIn function of this recipe. This means that when the user clicks the sign in button in the UI, your function will be called with the relevant input object.
Which frontend SDK do you use?
supertokens-web-js / mobile