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You can use this as a standalone recipe, or alongside any of the other recipes provided by us. To get started, initialise the recipe in the backend SDK's init function call:

import SuperTokens from "supertokens-node";import UserRoles from "supertokens-node/recipe/userroles";
SuperTokens.init({    supertokens: {        connectionURI: "..."    },    appInfo: {        apiDomain: "...",        appName: "...",        websiteDomain: "..."    },    recipeList: [        UserRoles.init(),    ]});

By default, the user roles recipe will add the roles and permission information into a user's session (if they have assigned roles & permissions). If you do not want roles or permissions information in the session, or want to manually add it yourself, you can provide the following input configs to the UserRoles.init function:

import UserRoles from "supertokens-node/recipe/userroles";
UserRoles.init({    skipAddingRolesToAccessToken: true,    skipAddingPermissionsToAccessToken: true,})
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