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Handling session expiry


A session can expire if:

  • The user has been inactive for too long and their refresh token has expired.
  • The session has been revoked from the backend, but not the frontend.

Using the onSessionExpired prop#

When you use EmailPasswordAuth to provide SessionContext to your components, you can a pass function to onSessionExpired prop. This function will be called when the session expires.

import React from "react";import { EmailPasswordAuth } from "supertokens-auth-react/recipe/emailpassword";import MyComponent from "./myComponent";
const App = () => {    return (        <EmailPasswordAuth            requireAuth={true}            onSessionExpired={() => {/* ... */ }}>            <MyComponent />        </EmailPasswordAuth>    );}

You will need to either reload the current page or redirect the user to the sign in page if you provide this callback.