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Overview steps#

Integrating SuperTokens with a Next.js app involves:

  • Calling the frontend and backend init functions
  • Adding a website page to display the auth related widgets (on /auth by default)
  • Creating a serverless function to expose the auth related APIs which will be consumed by the frontend widgets (on /api/auth/ by default)
  • Protecting website routes: Displaying them only when a user is logged in, else redirecting them to the login page
  • Performing session verification:
    • In your APIs
    • In getServerSideProps

Each of these will be covered in the next few pages. Rest of the customizations can be done by following the "Common customizations" section.

An example repo#

See the GitHub repo or start a new project using:

npx create-next-app --example with-supertokens with-supertokens-app# oryarn create next-app --example with-supertokens with-supertokens-app

This example uses the ThirdPartyEmailPassword recipe. If you want to use another recipe, you can still use this as a starting point and change the configurations.