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How to send a custom response


This feature is only applicable for users who build their own frontend since our frontend requires on a specific output from the APIs as defined here.

Let's take an example of sending a custom response for the /auth/signup/email/exists GET API (does email exist).

We need to first override the function for that API (emailExistsGET) and then use the response object in the input param to send a custom response.

The function signature expects an return type that has a certain shape, therefore, we must still return a valid response object from the function, but that will be ignored since you have already sent a response to the client.

import EmailPassword from "supertokens-node/recipe/emailpassword";
EmailPassword.init({    override: {        apis: (originalImplementation) => {            return {                ...originalImplementation,                emailExistsGET: async function (input) {
                    // we can send a custom response like this:                    input.options.res.setStatusCode(200); // or any other status code                    input.options.res.sendJSONResponse({                        message: "my custom response",                        //...                    })
                    // this return doesn't matter. But we must do it                    // cause the function signature expects a response.                    return {                        status: "OK",                        exists: false                    };                }            }        }    }})
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