Our Product offering

Expansive and modular user management suite

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A complete solution for all your Authentication needs

  • Passwordless
  • Email Password
  • Social Sign in
  • B2B Auth and multi-tenancy
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Passwordless formEmail Password formSocial Sign in formB2B Auth and multi-tenancy formMulti-factor authentication (MFA) form


Override SuperTokens to make it work the way you want

Prebuilt UI

Customize any part of the prebuilt UI so that you do not have to implement custom login forms from scratch

Dunder muffin login form with overrides example code snippet for tabletDunder muffin login form with overrides example code snippet for web
Backend Apis code example.
Backend APIs

Add pre or post API logic to any auth route (eg: Sign up API).

Frontend Hooks

Change the request (body, headers, URL) sent to your server, handle user events, and control user redirects.

Backend Apis code example.

Reliability and Security


Run end to end tests locally or in a CICD pipeline by using our core with an in memory DB.


Easily write unit tests by mocking auth APIs via our backend SDK.

Horizontally scalable

SuperTokens is stateless and horizontally scalable to 10s of millions of MAUs.


100+ controls and tests.

Session theft architecture.
Detecting session theft

We use rotating refresh tokens to detect session theft reliably.

User Management


View and manage all your users. Reset passwords, send email verification links, revoke sessions, modify user roles, view session metadata and more.

DashboardAccount LinkingRBAC


Easily migrate large user bases

orange pillImport existing password hashes
orange pillBulk import 10s of millions of users or implement a lazy migration strategy
orange pillImport TOTP secrets
orange pillImport roles and permissions
orange pillMap SuperTokens user IDs to existing user IDs

Get started!

Quick Start guides for all use cases!

Guides page.