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Get advice on your auth,
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Here is what we can help you with:
Evaluate build vs buy
Building RBAC and other features
Which provider to use for your specific use case
Migrating from one identity provider to another
(or your own)
Sessions, cookies, JWTs, iframes, localstorage, CSRF,
multiple api domains etc
Issues with implementation details (eg: issues with
multiple sub domains & multi tenancy, SAML
integrations, customizing existing solution)
Anything related to authN or AuthZ infrastructure

Why are we doing this?

We love auth (its borderline unhealthy)
We love helping people and delivering value (this is
We know A LOT about auth (See point 1 above)
But, we also get to learn more about issues different people are having and about the space. Additionally,
you may be potentially interested in evaluating SuperTokens and that benefits us
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