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Self hosted
Free forever,
unlimited users
Download and deploy. No limits
SaaS (hosted by us)
Measured based on number of sessions refreshed and number of unique logins
Free up to 5K
monthly active
$29 / month for every 5K users after that
(upto 50K MAUs)
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Self hosted
Free forever,
unlimited users
Download and deploy. No limits
SaaS (hosted by us)
Free up to 5K
monthly active
$29 / month for every 5K users after that
Create an app
Measured based on number of sessions refreshed and number of unique logins
* EU regions supported
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A fully customisable frontend UI with default themes available
Email & password login and forgot password flows
OAuth (Social, OpenID) login
Available for NodeJS, GoLang & Python. Additional tech stacks will be supported soon
Session Management
Create, verify, refresh & revoke sessions
Follows all session best practices like using httpOnly cookies
Prevents common session vulnerabilities like session fixation, CSRF or brute force attacks
Detects session hijacking using rotating refresh tokens
Optimal performance - session verifications < 1 MS
Automatic JWT signing key rotation, without logging users out
Ability to get all sessions given a user ID
Reading session data on the frontend, securely
Manipulation of session and JWT payloads
Role management
Assign users roles (coming soon)
Assign / edit roles to sessions
Read roles on the frontend and backend
Anton Mladenov
Wow this is insane! I literally spent 5 min of copy-pasting React stuff and now I can see the auth page…so, at this point I should consider the frontend auth already set up?
If that’s true, then ST is just magical.
Anuj Chabbria
Cofounder @Report Card
Supertokens is our guardian angel. We’re able to secure multiple assets with one library, providing the most seamless and secure experience for our users. Kudos to the Super team!
Gus Fune
CTO @OffScriptHQ
We also moved @OffScriptHQ this week from @auth0 to @supertokensio . As a way to give back we will open source our code and document how other people can use @supertokensio with @HasuraHQ . Stay tuned! #foss #auth
Brandon Bayer
Founder @Blitz.js
I' m SO excited to finally ship built-in authentication in @blitz_js !!! Including design, we've been working on this for over 4 months! Thank you to @rishpoddar for being the genius behind our auth!!! Check out his company @supertokensio for framework agnostic session management
Fares Siddiqui
Founder @Circadia
We were using AWS Cognito and storing sensitive identity tokens on the frontend. SuperTokens secured our user accounts and patient data, and built an integration for our custom setup
Stephano Paraskeva
Full Stack Engineer @IMG ARENA
SuperTokens brings with it, what money can’t buy - trust and transparency. I use SuperTokens in all of my projects because I’m able to control where and how SuperTokens works within my apps, allowing for more granular control over my authentication
Self hosted
SaaS (hosted by us)
Create an app
SaaS (hosted by us)
Create an app
Self hosted
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Open Source
Managed service
Reporting and analytics
Use with serverless
Free for unlimited users
Magic link login
Native support for ReactJS
High auth flow and UI customisability
Social login
Role and Attribute based access control
Mobile app support
Session hijacking detection
No cloud provider (AWS or GCP) lockin
Single sign on
Multi tenancy support
Dedicated support
[1] For enterprise version only
[2] Free version is limited

Detailed Comparison

SuperTokens vs Keycloak
SuperTokens vs Auth0

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our philosophy is inspired by Gitlab’s buyer-based model and by Enterprise Ready. This essentially states that features will be tiered according to the profile of the user that would require those features. Additionally, we would monetize features that would be required by people in roles such as: IT operations, management and executive teams, product managers and customer support agents.

Our product tiers will be categorised into the following:

1. Developer
2. Starter
3. Growth
4. Ultimate.

Developer tier  💻
The developer tier would be free and everything that an individual developer or small team of developers would require for their web application would be in this tier.

Starter plan  🌱
The starter plan would cater to formal startups in the early stages of their journey. It would have a minimal price point (under $50 / month).

Growth tier  🚀
The growth tier refers to startups that have found product market fit and where the business is scaling and growing.

Ultimate plan  🏛️
The Ultimate plan would be for established businesses which have achieved significant scale and revenue.

While deciding which tier a feature should go into, we would essentially add it to the lowest tier where the majority of users in that tier would require it. If there is a feature that would be required by the majority of developers, we would add it to that tier.

However, if a feature is not required by early stage startups but by the majority of growth companies and “Ultimate” companies (enterprises), then we would add the feature in the Growth tier.

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