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Account Linking

Enable users to sign up with multiple different login methods and access the same user account.
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What is Account Linking?

Account linking is a feature that allows you to associate different login methods to the same account. An example of this is:
User Flow
User flow pipline checks
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Thirdparty emailpassword form without email filled
Thirdparty emailpassword form with email and password entered
Account linking flow diagram
This provides a better end user experience as users often forget which method they originally used to sign up to your product.

Benefits of Account Linking

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A seamless user experience

Prevents users from accidentally creating multiple accounts, reducing friction and increasing customer delight
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Flexible linking

Automatically link accounts with matching information or enable admins to manually link them based on user requests
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Security and peace of mind

Provide a best in class user experience while preventing security vulnerabilities and account takeovers
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Supertokens Pricing

Pricing corresponds to the number of MAUs.

We have two pricing models:

Account linking for self-hosted: $0.01 / MAU Account linking for managed service: $0.005 / MAU