Multi-Tenant (B2B) Authentication

Acquire organizations with peace of mind by adding multi-tenant user management and authorization to your application today.

What is Multi-Tenancy?

Most customers of B2B SaaS companies are organizations (tenants) that have multiple employees. These employees (members) need to share and access the same resources. Multi-tenancy supports this hierarchy of organizations and employees.
User Flow
Multiple organisations sign up to your SaaS app and require their own login methods or SSO configurations.
Your app needs to offer unique user pools for each customer organization
You can host all organizations on the same domain or offer each organization their own unique subdomain
Offer access control (authorization) and assign roles to the different members within the organization
User Flow example 2
You have multiple independent applications with their own login and signup pages. However, instead of hosting SuperTokens for each app individually, you can use the multi tenancy feature to run a single SuperTokens instance to power all the apps (with their own user pools).
Why use SuperTokens?

SuperTokens Benefits

Custom Configurations for each Tenant

Design custom branded authentication screens for each tenant and configure unique authentication methods such as SSO, email password, social login, or a combination depending on the tenant's preferences and security policy.

Unique user pools

Each tenant has its own user pool. You can store each pool in a shared db (logical isolation), or in separate dbs (physical isolation).

Fully automated tenant creation

Tenant creation and configuration is fully API driven. So each time your app has a new customer, you do not need to manually onboard them anymore.

SuperTokens Pricing

Pricing corresponds to the number of organizations your application supports and the number of enterprise connections required.

We have two pricing models:

Tenants with Email password, Social or Passwordless loginTenants with enterprise SSO
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