JWT Decoder

Signing Key
    base64UrlEncode(header) + "." +
Signature VerifiedSignature Verified!
Note: We do not store any information in our database and all processing is done on the client side.
The JWT Decoder Tool allows you to decode JWTs for simple debugging. You can also create your own JWTs with custom payloads signed with your own secret for testing purposes.

What are JWTs

JSON Web Token is an open industry standard used to share information between two entities.

They contain JSON objects which have the information that needs to be shared. Each JWT is also signed using cryptography to ensure that the client or a malicious party cannot alter the JSON contents.

Structure of a JWT

A JWT contains three parts:

  • Header:
    Consists of two parts:
    • The signing algorithm that's being used.
    • The type of token, which, in this case, is mostly “JWT”
  • Payload:
    The payload contains the claims or the JSON object.
  • Signature:
    A string that is generated via a cryptographic algorithm that can be used to verify the integrity of the JSON payload.
Structure of a JSON Web Token

You can find our complete guide on how JWT works and how you can generate JWTs in this blog.