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Flexible authentication for leading B2B restaurant logistics platform FoodMarketHub with SuperTokens

April 18th 2023    •    10 minute read

KFC, Pizza Hut and Din Tai Fung

Funding raised


Time to implement

2-3 Days

Order Value '21-'22


growing 400% YoY
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FoodMarketHub is an enterprise B2B marketplace that helps restaurants manage their inventory by connecting them with suppliers. They have a large presence in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Their customers include some of the world’s largest food chains (e.g. KFC) with thousands of outlets and tens of thousands of service staff that use the platform every day.

Yogesh, who manages FoodMarketHub’s backend team and has over 10 years of software development experience, was responsible for FoodMarketHub’s authentication infrastructure.


1 Problem
Built Intelligence received a 6x billing increase from Auth0. Downgrading crucial enterprise functionality to avoid the hike was not an option.
2 Process
The team stood up an entirely new authentication flow with SuperTokens - in less than four weeks.
3 Results
After a smooth migration to SuperTokens, Built Intelligence is set with SSO and multi-tenancy functionality, onboarding several enterprise customers per month on their path to double the business in the next year.

Before SuperTokens

When Yogesh and his team first implemented their authentication using Auth0, they found it slow when trying to configure the authentication UI. And with their API implemented in Hasura, adding user metadata and role management into their tokens meant using Auth0’s pre and post hooks. This process also required uploading code manually into the Auth0 dashboard - certainly possible but cumbersome.

While many auth features were already built in their native codebase, FoodMarketHub still wanted a trusted 3rd party to avoid rolling an entire auth implementation from scratch. After searching for a new solution, they found SuperTokens - which had the customization necessary for a smooth UI and token metadata, with the added ability to play well with their role management logic.


Using SuperTokens, Yogesh was able to move from evaluation to full production in 2-3 days. Before, the FoodMarketHub team had to manually upload code to Auth0.

Now, all their custom logic integrates with SuperTokens natively within their codebase, without any restrictions on number and types of customization. SuperTokens also allowed them to sync SuperTokens user tables with their own database for more flexibility.
Yogesh opted for a passwordless setup out of the box from SuperTokens to cater to the mobile-heavy SEA market.
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