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If you are using our backend SDK that is lesser than the following versions, please visit the older documentation link here.

3. Adding auth APIs

We will add all the backend APIs for auth on /api/auth. This can be changed by setting the apiBasePath property in the appInfo object in the appInfo.ts file. For the rest of this page, we will assume you are using /api/auth.

1) Create the app/api/auth/[[...path]]/route.ts route#

  • Be sure to create the auth/[[...path]] folder in the app/api/ folder.
  • route.ts will use the getAppDirRequestHandler helper function exposed by supertokens-node which helps in calling all the APIs like sign in, sign up etc. (the full folder path should be /app/api/auth/[[...path]]/route.ts).
  • An example of this can be found here.

2) Expose the SuperTokens APIs#

import { getAppDirRequestHandler } from 'supertokens-node/nextjs';
import { NextRequest, NextResponse } from 'next/server';
import { ensureSuperTokensInit } from '../../../config/backend';


const handleCall = getAppDirRequestHandler(NextResponse);

export async function GET(request: NextRequest) {
const res = await handleCall(request);
if (!res.headers.has('Cache-Control')) {
// This is needed for production deployments with Vercel
'no-cache, no-store, max-age=0, must-revalidate'
return res;

export async function POST(request: NextRequest) {
return handleCall(request);

export async function DELETE(request: NextRequest) {
return handleCall(request);

export async function PUT(request: NextRequest) {
return handleCall(request);

export async function PATCH(request: NextRequest) {
return handleCall(request);

export async function HEAD(request: NextRequest) {
return handleCall(request);

In the snippet above we add the Cache-Control header to the responses for all auth APIs with the GET method. This is required if you are deploying your app with Vercel because API responses are automatically cached for production deployments. This results in problems because APIs such as /session/refresh return older session tokens resulting in infinite calls to refresh if an API returns unauthorised status. Setting the header ensures that Vercel does not cache any of the auth API responses.

3) Use the login widget#

If you are now able to sign in or sign up, this means the backend setup is done correctly! If not, please feel free to ask questions on Discord

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