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1. Frontend Setup

1) Finish the Quick Setup > Frontend guide.#

2) AWS API gateway config#

In the API gateway, you will need to specify a stage which will scope your API endpoints. For example, you may have a stage name per dev environment:

  • One for development (/dev)
  • One for testing (/test)
  • One for prod (/prod).

In this case, you need to set the apiGatewayPath config param to that stage name like so:

import supertokens from "supertokens-node";
supertokens.init({    appInfo: {        appName: "...",        apiDomain: "...",        websiteDomain: "...",        apiGatewayPath: "/dev"    },    recipeList: [],});
  • Learn more about apiGatewayPath here
  • An example of this can be found here
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