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If you are using our backend SDK that is lesser than the following versions, please visit the older documentation link here.

Password Reset

There are two forms to the reset password flow:

  • Enter email form
  • Enter new password form

Enter email form#

This is shown when the user clicks on the "Forgot password" button in the sign in form. You can view it if you visit /${websiteBasePath}/reset-password path of your website (default is /auth/reset-password).

Enter email in reset password form

Once the user enters their email and clicks on the "Email me" button, SuperTokens will send them an email only if that email is associated with an account. Regardless, the user will always see a success state:

Email sent in reset password form

Enter new password form#

This form is shown when the user clicks on the password reset link sent to their email. To view this form, you can navigate to /${websiteBasePath}/reset-password?token=test path of your website (default is /auth/reset-password?token=test).

Notice that the URL path is the same as that of the enter email form, however there is an extra query param token which tells SuperTokens to show the enter new password form. If you try and submit a new password with the test token value, it will fail since it's not a valid password reset token.

Enter new password form

If the reset token has expired or is invalid, the user will see the following message

Enter new password for invalid token

Once the user has successfully changed their password, they see the following success screen

Password change successful
Multi Tenancy

For multi tenant use case, the password reset token will also have a tenantId query param which will be used to identify the tenant for which the password reset token was generated.

General error UI#

If there are network related errors, or the backend sends a status code >= 300, then we show the following UI.

Enter email general errorEnter new password general error

Password reset email UI#

The default email we send for password reset is shown below. It is sent via our backend SDK which calls (our API infrastructure). See the links at the end of this page to change the email content or delivery method

Email UI for password reset email

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