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User Creation

Email Password Migration#

SuperTokens allows you to import users with password hashes generated with BCrypt, Argon2 and Firebase SCrypt with our import user API. You can find the API spec here.

Migrating users With Argon2 or BCrypt Password hashes#

For users with BCrypt or Argon2 password hashes you can use the following curl command to import your user.

curl --location --request POST '/recipe/user/passwordhash/import' \--header 'api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--data-raw '{    "email": "[email protected]",    "passwordHash": "$argon2d$v=19$m=12,t=3,p=1$NWd0eGp4ZW91b3IwMDAwMA$57jcfXF19MyiUXSjkVBpEQ"}'

Migrating users with Firebase SCrypt Password hashes#

Importing users from Firebases requires an update to your supertokens core config and formatting the input password hash.

Step 1: Retrive your Firebase password hashing parameters from your dashboard.#

Step 2: Update the SuperTokens core to use the base64_signer_key#

  • Edit the core configuration in the SuperTokens Managed Service Dashboard.
  • Set the firebase_password_hashing_signer_key field in the config to the base64_signer_key retrieved from your firebase hashing parameters.

Step 3: SuperTokens requires firebase password hashes to be in a specific format to be parsed.#

For example:

Your exported firebase user has the following credentials:

{  "users": [    {      "localId": "userId",      "email": "[email protected]"      "passwordHash": "9Y8ICWcqbzmI42DxV1jpyEjbrJPG8EQ6nI6oC32JYz+/dd7aEjI/R7jG9P5kYh8v9gyqFKaXMDzMg7eLCypbOA==",      "salt": "/cj0jC1br5o4+w==",    }  ]}

The memory cost, rounds and salt separator retrived from the password hashing config are:

{  mem_cost: 14,  rounds: 8,  base64_salt_separator: "Bw=="}

The password hash would be the following: $f_scrypt$9Y8ICWcqbzmI42DxV1jpyEjbrJPG8EQ6nI6oC32JYz+/dd7aEjI/R7jG9P5kYh8v9gyqFKaXMDzMg7eLCypbOA==$/cj0jC1br5o4+w==$m=14$r=8$s=Bw==

The example password hash is in the following format $f_scrypt$<passwordHash>$<salt>$m=<mem_cost>$r=<rounds>$s=<base64_salt_separator>

Step 4: Run the following curl command to import the user#

curl --location --request POST '/recipe/user/passwordhash/import' \--header 'Content-type: application/json' \--header 'api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \--data-raw '{  "email": "[email protected]",  "passwordHash": "$f_scrypt$9Y8ICWcqbzmI42DxV1jpyEjbrJPG8EQ6nI6oC32JYz+/dd7aEjI/R7jG9P5kYh8v9gyqFKaXMDzMg7eLCypbOA==$/cj0jC1br5o4+w==$m=14$r=8$s=Bw==",  "hashingAlgorithm": "firebase_scrypt"}'

ThirdParty Migration#

To migrate users with social accounts we can simply call the SuperTokens Core's signInUp API with the provider Id and the user's third party userId.

For example:

If we were importing a user with Google as their provider with their third party userId being 106347997792363870000, we can run the following curl command to import the user.

curl --location --request POST '/recipe/signinup' \--header 'api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--data-raw '{  "thirdPartyId": "google",  "thirdPartyUserId": "106347997792363870000",  "email": {    "id": "[email protected]"  }}'