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If you are using our backend SDK that is lesser than the following versions, please visit the older documentation link here.

Managed Service

Creating a development environment ✨#

  • First, please sign up
  • Select the auth method you want to use and follow the guided steps to integrate with our frontend and backend SDK if you have not done this alreadyIntegration with SuperTokens SDKs
  • Select a region and click the deploy button:

You should select a region that is closest to your backend.

Deploying SuperTokens Core
  • After the deployment is complete the dashboard will look similar to this:Deployed SuperTokens Core

Connecting the backend SDK with SuperTokens 🔌#

  • Add the connectionURI and the apiKey shown on the dashboard to your code on the backend.
SuperTokens managed service dashboard connectionURI and API key
import supertokens from "supertokens-node";

supertokens: {
appInfo: {
apiDomain: "...",
appName: "...",
websiteDomain: "..."
recipeList: []
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