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How to use

If you would like to change something pre or post our API logic, then use this method.

import SuperTokens from "supertokens-node";import ThirdPartyEmailPassword from "supertokens-node/recipe/thirdpartyemailpassword";
SuperTokens.init({    appInfo: {        apiDomain: "...",        appName: "...",        websiteDomain: "..."    },    supertokens: {        connectionURI: "...",    },    recipeList: [        ThirdPartyEmailPassword.init({            override: {                apis: (originalImplementation) => {                    return {                        ...originalImplementation,
                        // here we only override the email & password sign up API logic                         emailPasswordSignUpPOST: async function (input) {                            if (originalImplementation.emailPasswordSignUpPOST === undefined) {                                throw Error("Should never come here");                            }
                            // TODO: some pre sign up logic
                            let response = await originalImplementation.emailPasswordSignUpPOST(input);
                            if (response.status === "OK") {                                // TODO: some post sign up logic                            }
                            return response;
                        },                        // ...                        // TODO: override more apis                    }                }            }        })    ]});
  • originalImplementation is an object that contains apis that have the original implementation for this recipe. They can be used in your custom apis as a way to use the SuperTokens' default behaviour.
  • In the above code snippet, we override the emailPasswordSignUpPOST api of this recipe. This api will be used to handle the email password sign up requests.
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