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Integrating SuperTokens with Supabase in a Next.js app involves:

  • Creating a Supabase project with a table to store your userdata
  • Setting up a Nextjs app with SuperTokens, you can take a look at our dedicated Nextjs guide for more details.
  • Creating a Supabase JWT and storing in the user's session so we can read and write data to Supabase's database.
  • Enabling Row Level Security Policies in your Supabase table to ensure only authorized users can access their data.

In our example we will be storing the user's email mapped to their SuperTokens userId in Supabase.

Demo app#

You can take a look at our Github repo for an example app


This example uses the ThirdParty + EmailPassword recipe. If you want to use another recipe, you can still use this as a starting point and change the configurations.

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