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How to use

  1. You will have to use the ThirdpartyComponentsOverrideProvider or the AuthRecipeComponentsOverrideContextProvider component as shown below. make sure that it render the SuperTokens components inside this component.
  2. Pick a component that you'd like to override by its key.
  3. Supply a React component against the key you have picked. Your custom component will get the original component as a prop.


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Prebuilt sign in UI with custom image

Please make sure that the file in which this config is specified is a .tsx or .jsx file type.

Finding which component will be overridden#

To do that, you should use React Developer Tools extension which provides a component tree inspector.


Checking which component from the prebuilt UI will be overridden using React Developer Tools extension
  1. Look for the names defined in component override config and/or components ending in _Override in the component tree.
  2. Ensure that's the component you want to override
  3. Provide an override function

How do I render the original component#

Because the override function receives the original component as a parameter, you can render it. To do this, simply use it in JSX. Don't forget to supply original props by spreading them.

import React from "react";

const customComponent = ({ DefaultComponent, ...props }: { DefaultComponent: React.ComponentType }) => {
return (
<h1>I'm a header that you added above original component</h1>
<DefaultComponent {...props} />
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