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Version: 7.2.X


The Facebook third party provider can be customized using the following config:

import supertokens from "supertokens-node";import ThirdParty from "supertokens-node/recipe/thirdparty";
supertokens.init({    supertokens: {...},    appInfo: {        apiDomain: "...",        appName: "...",        websiteDomain: "..."    },    recipeList: [        ThirdParty.init({            signInAndUpFeature: {                providers: [                    ThirdParty.Facebook({                        clientSecret: "TODO: FACEBOOK_CLIENT_SECRET",                        clientId: "TODO: FACEBOOK_CLIENT_ID",                        scope: [                            "additionalFeatureURL",                        ]                    })                ]            }        })    ]});


  • clientSecret

    • type: string
    • It is a secret used only for authorisation in server-side operations.
  • clientId

    • type: string
    • It is the public identifier for the app.
  • scope

    • type: string[]
    • It is a string array which defines your applications access to a users account, by default users email is accessed. Additional features can be found here
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