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Passwordless login with SuperTokens


  • Sign in / up with OTP or / and magic link via SMS or email
  • Secure session management
  • Customise email or SMS
  • Integrate with your own email / SMS sending service

Supported tech stacks#



Demo application#

git clone
cd supertokens-auth-react/examples/with-passwordless/
# Follow the instructions in the file...

This demo app is for reference only, and is not meant as boilerplate code for new apps.

Next steps#

  1. Learn how SuperTokens works.
  2. Quick Setup guide: Integrate SuperTokens on your frontend and backend.
  3. Framework integration: Add SuperTokens to frameworks such as NextJS, AWS Lambda, Hasura and more.
  4. Post login operations: Learn how to implement post sign up callbacks and secure your APIs.
  5. Additional customizations: Learn about other customisation such as styling, sessions management, language translations.