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Passwordless and Social (Third party / OAuth 2.0 / SAML) login with SuperTokens


  • Sign in / up with OTP or / and magic link via SMS or email
  • Sign in / up with OAuth 2.0 (Like google, facebook etc..) and SAML providers
  • Secure session management
  • Customise email or SMS
  • Integrate with your own email / SMS sending service
  • Email verification

Supported tech stacks#



Demo application#


Flowchart of architecture when using SuperTokens managed service

There are three components to SuperTokens:

  • Frontend SDK: Provides pre built UI, helper functions and / or session management on the frontend.
  • Backend SDK: Provides a middleware which exposes all the auth related APIs for your frontend to call. It also handles session management and access control for your APIs.
  • SuperTokens core service: This is called by the backend SDK to maintain state in the database. This can either be self hosted using docker or be managed by us if you sign up on

Visit the how SuperTokens works section to learn more.

  • Unlike other auth providers, the frontend never talks to the SuperTokens core directly. All requests are to the APIs exposed via our backend SDK which then talks to the SuperTokens core.
  • If you are using a backend for which we do not have a SDK, you will have to spin up an additional auth service in a language for which we do have a backend SDK (NodeJS, Python or Golang). This auth service would issue a JWT which you can use to talk to your application's backend.

Next steps#

  1. Quick Setup guide: Integrate SuperTokens on your frontend and backend.
  2. Framework integration: Add SuperTokens to frameworks such as NextJS, AWS Lambda, Hasura and more.
  3. Post login operations: Learn how to implement post sign up callbacks and secure your APIs.
  4. Additional customizations: Learn about other customisation such as styling, sessions management, language translations.
What type of UI do you want to use?
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Pre built UI