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Viewing older versions of the documentation

You can use the docs repository on Github to check-out and view an older version of the documentation.


  1. Git installed on your system
  2. Node 16 (other versions of node may result in errors)

1. Finding the correct version of the documentation#

The release notes of the Github repo lists all the SDK versions the documentation is comptabile with. Find the correct version for you by looking at the version of the SDK you are using.

For example if you are using supertokens-node version 15.2.0 you want to find the version of the docs repository that mentions that it is compatible with

supertokens-node: 15.X.X

The release notes only mention the major version of the SDK it supports because all snippets are compatible with patch versions for a given major version.

2. Clone the repository and switch to the correct version#

Clone the repository:

git clone

Once downloaded, switch to the correct tag. The tag can be found on the releases page next to the version you are trying to use.

git checkout <TAG>

3. Setup the documentation project#

Navigate to the v2 folder:

cd v2/

Install all dependencies:

npm i -d

4. Run the website locally#

From inside the v2 directory run:

npm run start

This will build the project and start it on http://localhost:3000 where you can view the full documentation.

If you see a screen that asks you to choose between user docs and contributing docs, use the user docs.