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Version: 0.15.X

<EmailPasswordAuth />


The EmailPasswordAuth component is used to wrap any component that requires authentication in an application.

import SuperTokens from "supertokens-auth-react";class App extends React.Component {    render() {        return (            <EmailPasswordAuth>                <Dashboard />            </EmailPasswordAuth>        );    }}
  • EmailPasswordAuth takes a prop called requireAuth which if set to false, will show the Dashboard component even if the user is not logged in.
  • EmailPasswordAuth also creates a "Session context" which provides the following object to all children components:
    {    doesSessionExist: boolean,    userId: string,    jwtPayload: any /*JSON object set on the backend*/}
  • EmailPasswordAuth will update the session, because it uses SessionAuth underneath. Read more about session updates in SessionAuth guide.

Handle session expiry#

If you pass a function to onSessionExpired prop, it will be called whenever the session expires.

const App = () => {    return (        <EmailPasswordAuth            onSessionExpired={notifyUserAndDisplayPopup}>            <MyComponent />        </EmailPasswordAuth>    )}

You will need to redirect the user to the login screen in the callback you provide to onSessionExpired.

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