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Manually generating a link

You can use our backend SDK to generate the email verification link as shown below:

import EmailVerification from "supertokens-node/recipe/emailverification";
import supertokens from "supertokens-node";

async function createEmailVerificationLink(recipeUserId: supertokens.RecipeUserId, email: string) {
try {
// Create an email verification link for the user
const linkResponse = await EmailVerification.createEmailVerificationLink("public", recipeUserId, email);

if (linkResponse.status === "OK") {
} else {
// user's email is already verified
} catch (err) {
Multi Tenancy

Notice that the first argument to the function call above is "public". This refers to the default tenant ID that is used in SuperTokens. It means that the generated email verification link can only be consumed by users belonging to the "public" tenant.

If you are using our multi tenancy feature, you can pass in the tenantId that contains this user, which you can fetch by getting the user object for this userId.

Finally, the generated link will use the configured websiteDomain from the appInfo object (in supertokens.init), however, you can change the domain of the generated link to match that of the tenant ID.

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