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Email Delivery services

The following emails are sent by this recipe:

In this section, we will explore how to customise the design and delivery method of these emails.

Method 1) Default behaviour#

If you provide no configuration for email delivery, the backend SDK sends emails by talking to our servers on (for both self hosted and managed versions). This requires no setup from your side and can be used in production.

Learn more about the default email templates and this method in the default service section.

Method 2) Use your own domain / SMTP server#

Using this method, you can provide your own SMTP server's config and the emails will be sent using those. Use this method if you want to:

  • Send emails using your own domain.
  • Optionally customise the default email template and subject.

Learn more about this method in the SMTP section.

Method 3) Take full control of email sending#

This method allows you provide a callback using which you can send emails however you like. The input to the callback will be email template variables, so you can freely design the email as well. Use this method if you are:

  • Using a third party email service like Mailchimp.
  • You want to do some custom spam protection before sending the email.
  • You already have an email sending infrastructure and want to use that.

Learn more about this method in the Custom method section.