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Fetching sessions for a user

Given a user ID, we can fetch all sessions that are currently active for that user using the getAllSessionHandlesForUser function:

import Session from "supertokens-node/recipe/session";

async function getSessions() {
let userId = "someUserId" // fetch somehow

// sessionHandles is string[]
let sessionHandles = await Session.getAllSessionHandlesForUser(userId);

sessionHandles.forEach((handle) => {

/* we can do the following with the handle:
* - revoke this session
* - change access token payload or session data
* - fetch access token payload or session data
Multi Tenancy

By default, getAllSessionHandlesForUser will fetch all the sessionHandles for the user across all the tenants. If you want to fetch the sessions for a user in a specific tenant, you can pass the tenant ID as a parameter to the function call.

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