January 09, 2023

SuperTokens 2022 Year in Review

2022 had been an amazing year for SuperTokens, here are some of the top highlights

By Joel CoutinhoSoftware Developer at SuperTokens

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2022 has been the biggest year to date at SuperTokens.

  • 1x: We held our first-ever company offsite!
  • 2x: Our team size doubled
  • 3x: Our Github Stars grew 3x to ~7,800
  • 4th: We were the 4th fastest growing OSS startups in the world in Q1 ‘22
  • 5x: Growth in our Discord community
  • 6x: Growth in our Website traffic and NPM downloads
  • There are 1000’s of apps globally being powered by SuperTokens.

We also released some incredible updates - based on all the feedback we received from our users:

Passwordless Authentication

SuperTokens passwordless login form

Passwordless authentication has been the number one requested feature for a while, so we wanted to get it right. With the SuperTokens passwordless recipe, you can add passwordless based authentication with magic links and OTP sent through either phone number or email.

SuperTokens CLI

Improving the developer experience has always been at the core of SuperTokens. With our CLI, we wanted to simplify the process of setting up an app with SuperTokens. By running “npx create-supertokens-app@latest” you can generate a complete web app protected by SuperTokens in less than 60 seconds.

supertokens cli

Documentation Revamp

We also wanted to support the growing part of the community who wanted to use their own UI with SuperTokens, so we revamped our documentation to add guides to set up SuperTokens with custom UI.

SuperTokens new documentation

User Management Dashboard

With the user management dashboard, you can view the list of users on SuperTokens and easily modify or delete sessions, update metadata, and account info.

SuperTokens user management dashboard

User Roles and Permissions

Authorization has been another highly requested feature. The user roles and permissions recipe allows you to create roles and permissions and assign them to users. You can then guard frontend routes and backend APIs to only allow access if the user has a certain role or permission.

SuperTokens user management dashboard

Support for mobile frameworks

Mobile SDKs for iOS, Android and React Native was also released this year. You can get started here

SuperTokens mobile sdk support

These are just some of the features we worked on…

We also issued hundreds of bug fixes, under-the-hood improvements, security updates and also committed to growing our team, doubling its size.


And that’s a wrap!

2022 was a year of growth and progress for the SuperTokens team. We released some amazing features, hit several growth milestones, and nearly doubled our team size. We are thankful to our community for placing their trust in us, and we hope to make 2023 an even better year!

Software dev and content lead at SuperTokens. Contributed to the SuperTokens core, backend SDKs, and developer documentation.