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Version: 7.2.X

Overriding Functions

Main interface#

export interface RecipeInterface {
* Called to create a signed JWT
* @params:
* - payload: (Optional) Object containing custom claims that shuld be included in the JWT payload
* - validitySeconds: (Optional) Time in seconds for which the JWT should be considered valid.
* if this is undefined, the validity provided to the init function is used
* @returns "OK" and the JWT if succesfull. "UNSUPPORTED_ALGORITHM_ERROR" if an unsupported signing algorithm is used
createJWT(input: {
payload?: any;
validitySeconds?: number;
}): Promise<
| {
status: "OK";
jwt: string;
| {

* Called to retrieve a list of JWKs that can be used for JWT verification
* @returns "OK" and an array of keys (refer to JsonWebKey below for typedef)
getJWKS(): Promise<{
status: "OK";
keys: JsonWebKey[];

Supporting Types#

export type JsonWebKey = {
kty: string;
kid: string;
n: string;
e: string;
alg: string;
use: string;
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