This SDK documentation is outdated. Please do not refer to it, and instead visit the User Guides section.

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Version: 6.1.X

This function is deprecated. Please use supertokens.getUsersOldestFirst instead if you are using core version >= 3.5

getUsersOldestFirst(limit, nextPaginationToken)


  • limit (Optional)
    • type: number
  • nextPaginationToken (Optional)
    • type: string


  • Promise<{ users: User[], nextPaginationToken?: string | undefined }>. Returns a list of users sorted by oldest first.

Additional Information:#

  • If the nextPaginationToken is undefined, then there are no more users to loop through.
  • If there are no users in your app, then nextPaginationToken will be undefined and users will be an empty array.
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