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Protecting API routes

  • SuperTokens is not yet optimised for 2FA implementation, so you have to add a lot of customisations for it to work. We are working on improving the development experience for 2FA as well as adding more factors like TOTP. Stay tuned.
  • A demo app that uses the pre built UI can be found on our GitHub.

In the previous steps, we saw the a session is created after the first factor, with SecondFactorClaim set to false, and then after the second factor is completed, we update that value to true.

Protecting all APIs#

We want to protect all the application APIs such that they are accessible only when SecondFactorClaim is true - indicating that the user has completed 2FA. We can do this by by overriding the getGlobalClaimValidators function in the Session recipe.

import Session from "supertokens-node/recipe/session";

override: {
functions: (oI) => {
return {
getGlobalClaimValidators: (input) => [

Protecting specific API routes#

If instead, you want to enforce 2FA just on certain API routes, you can add the validator only when calling the verifySession function:

import express from "express";
import { verifySession } from "supertokens-node/recipe/session/framework/express";
import { SessionRequest } from "supertokens-node/framework/express";

let app = express();"/like-comment", verifySession({
overrideGlobalClaimValidators: (globalValidators) => [
}), (req: SessionRequest, res) => {

If the SecondFactorClaim claim validator fails, then the SDK will send a 403 response.

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